Dr Till Hoermann provides us with a first class service helping to keep all the horses on the road. His wealth of knowledge and experience proves vital and he also has the very best diagnostic equipment with him on board. 



Richard is responsible for the shoeing of the majority of horses on Matthew's yard and provides a reliable and friendly service, tailoring each horses individual needs into his rota.



Clair has worked for the Wright family now for over 20 years. She is a major part of the day to day running of the yard, caring to the highest of standards for all of the horses, training members of staff and making sure the yard runs smoothly on a daily basis. She also keeps the yard running while Matthew is away at competition and helps keep the whole show on the road.



Lukasz joined the yard early in 2016 having previously worked with event horses in UK and Europe. Originally from Poland he has an array of skills around the yard ranging from general yard work and handy work, but he is also excellent at riding the young horses and backing and breaking.



Andrew has recently joined us as a yard hand and handyman and is worth his weight in gold. He can do everything from mucking out to tack cleaning and keeps the yard clean and tidy carrying out most of the important maintenance jobs.



Alex is responsible for assisting with the exercising and fitness work of all of the horses on the yard. She regularly competes herself achieving good results from BE90 through to Intermediate level and completed her first CCI* in 2017 finishing in the Top 25 at Blair Castle. She is hoping to compete at CCI** level in 2018 as she takes on the ride of DHI Cadeau and she will also be campaigning some of our young horses at BE90 through to Novice level and in the Burghley Young Event Horse Classes. Alex will also continue to ride for her owner Sarah Reeve on board Ballygriffin Doc Cider and we are looking forward to watching Alex progress through the levels. Her progress can be tracked on her Facebook page Alex Hill Eventing which will be kept up to date throughout the 2018 season.


 Alex Hill

Alex Hill