Matthew first sat on a pony at only 18 months old and coming from a strong equestrian background it was inevitable he would show a remarkable talent with horses. He completed his first Burghley Horse Trials at the rare age of only 18 years old and would go on to achieve huge amounts of success for Great Britain at Junior, Young Rider and Senior level.

In 2002 he took home a Silver medal at the Young Rider European Championships in Austria on board a horse he backed, broke, produced and bred himself, the skew-bald gelding ‘Park Pilot’.

In 2005 the combination continued their success story to make their Senior Squad debut at the FEI European Championships at Blenheim Palace where they finished 13th.

Over the years Matthew has continued to achieve impressive results, bringing through and producing horses to compete at the highest of levels using his wealth of knowledge, experience and natural talent.

In 2014/2015 due to unforeseen circumstances Matthew had to take a step back from eventing at top level so decided to concentrate on producing his string of exciting young horses for the future. Even leading the quiet life he still managed several International placings coming 3rd at Hartpury CCI**, 3rd at Ballindenisk CCI** on Shannondale Shinawil and 1st in the CCI* at Ballindenisk on board Rakam D'Emra in 2015. In 2016 he also finished 7th in the CCI** in Tattersalls with DHI Paparazzi.

The 2018 season was looking to be a promising year in the Team Wright camp, having picked up some additional Advanced horses to add to the string thanks to incredibly loyal owners. Matthew could not wait to finally return to action. In 2018 Matthew was also blessed to pick up some fantastically supportive sponsors that can be found on the sponsors page, and without them none of the comeback would have been possible.

And a great comeback it proved to be. Matthew not only completed four CCI***’s (now CCI4*) clear in 2018 with Bramham, Tattersalls and Blenheim being on the list. He also moved his string of young and intermediate horses up the levels to return in 2019 with International qualifications. 2018 also saw his 18th International win at Tattersalls CCI* (now CCI2*) on board The Corn Crake, and Matthew also gained himself plenty of points in 2018 to firmly put himself back into the British Eventing Top 100 Rider Rankings.

In 2019 Team Wright is aiming to build a strong team of class young horses for the future, some homebred at Caunton Manor Stud, which he runs with his wife Victoria.




5/6/03 –   Bramham CCI*** U25 – 4th Park Pilot

29/4/04 –  Badminton CCI**** - 9th Mallards Treat

9/9/04 –   Blenheim CCI*** - 2nd Park Pilot

8/9/05 –   FEI European Championships – 13th Park Pilot

22/4/06 –  Ballindenisk CIC***W – 1st Park Pilot

                                - 3rd L’air Du Jour

18/5/06 – Punchestown CCI** - 1st Singalong

18/8/06 – Thirlestane Scottish Championships – 3rd Cermont

24/8/06 – Blair Castle CCI*** - 2nd Well Spotted

20/5/07 – Punchestown CCI* - 1st Noisette Des Pres

                      CCI*** 4th Another Cavalier

3/6/07 –   Tattersalls CCI** - 5th L’aristo Du Lado

                       CCI* - 4th Grove Joucas

13/9/07 -  Necarne CCI** - 1st If You Want II

                         - 2nd L’aristo Du Lado

21/9/07 -  Deauville CCI***-3rd If You Want II

22/5/08 – Houghton CCI**- 2nd Hugginstown

15/6/08 – Bramham CCI*** - 3rd L’aristo Du Lado

21/9/08 – Necarne CCI** - 1st Caunton Welldone

                          2nd Hugginstown

27/8/09 – Blair Castle CCI*** - 3rd Well Spotted

                        CCI** -  1st Hugginstown

23/4/10 – Central Scotland CCI** - 2nd Caunton Welldone

30/5/10 – Tattersalls CCI** - 3rd If You Want II

3/6/10 –   Bramham CCI*** - 14th Caunton Welldone

26/8/10 – Blair Castle CIC*** - 1st Park Pilot

                       CCI** - 1st Hugginstown

30/9/10 – Osberton CCI** - 1st If You Want II

21/4/11 – Badminton CCI**** - 18th Well Spotted

14/5/11 – Chatsworth CIC***W – 14th Fernhill Express

30/7/11 – Hopetoun CIC*** - 7th Dark Crusader

14/9/11 – Ballindenisk CCI** - 1st Fernhill Express

                       CIC*** - 9th Noisette Des Pres

2011       Express Eventing Series Winner – If You Want II

23/8/12 – Blair Castle CCI*** - 3rd Alvescot Prada

                                2nd Hugginstown

12/9/12 – Ballindenisk CCI*** - 4th Alvescot Prada

                                7th Caunton Welldone

22/8/13 – Blair Castle CCI** - 5th Hugginstown

3/10/13 – Osberton CCI** - 5th Shannondale Shinawil

22/5/14 – Houghton CCI** - 2nd Shannondale Shinawil

1/8/14 –   Festival of British Eventing – 5th Silken Scully

7/8/14 –   Hartpury CCI** - 1st Shannondale Shinawil

21/8/14 – Blair Castle CCI** - 1st Hugginstown

2/10/14 – Osberton CCI** - 5th Shannondale Shinawil

                         - 8th Dark Crusader

28/05/15 - Houghton CCI** - 6th Shannondale Shinawil

13/08/15 - Hartpury CCI** - 3rd Shannondale Shinawil

24/09/15 - Ballindenisk CCI** - 3rd Shannondale Shinawil

24/09/15 - Ballindenisk CCI* - 1st Rakam D'Emra

07/06/16 - Tattersalls CCI** - 7th DHI Paparazzi

03/06/18 - Tattersalls CCI* - 1st The Corn Crake

02/06/19 - Tattersalls CCI** - 9th Monbeg Maximus

06/09/19 - Burghley Young Event Horse 5YO Final - 1st Caunton First Class

14/09/19 - Ballindenisk CCI** - 9th The Corn Crake

04/10/19 - British 5YO Championships - 2nd Caunton First Class