As I'm sure you are all aware by now, in 2018 I will be donating all prize money won during the 2018 eventing season to the Orchid-Cancer Organisation and MIND. 

Both are two organisations very close to my heart, Orchid-Cancer being dedicated to cancers in men and raising awareness for the importance of being checked out and helping to improve cancer care in male patients. MIND offers help and support to mental health and depression sufferers and is a subject that is extremely difficult to discuss if you have ever experienced these symptoms. MIND is trying to change all of this. It is making people aware that mental health problems are more common than most realise and it shouldn't be a subject swept under the carpet. 

Details of the following charities can be found here by clicking on these links;

At the beginning of the season in March 2018, I will also be opening a Just Giving page to give other event riders the chance to also contribute by donating some of there prize money won during the same season.