We are very lucky to have such a supportive team of sponsors. Please visit the links to there websites below.





TRM stands for ”Thoroughbred Remedies Manufacturing Ltd.” and indeed prior to the Company’s formation its founder Mr. Larry Masterson worked both in the racing yard of Mr. Noel Chance, and in the world famous Airlie Stud Farm. However as the business developed globally, and the company became involved in many other disciplines such as Showjumping, Dressage, Three Day Eventing, Trotting, Endurance, Western, Arabian Showing and Carriage Driving, the name was abbreviated to TRM.

It is TRM’s mission to “maximise horses athletic performance by targeting their specific nutritional and hygienic needs”. To this end they have continually invested to create what is today an industry leader in the research, manufacture and distribution of Equine Feed Supplements.

We use TRM products at our yard and cannot recommend them enough. They have a supplement that can offer a solution to the majority of issues that occur in any equestrian discipline.







In this modern world of big multi-national corporations, Baileys Horse Feeds remains quite unique in being family owned and run since its inception in 1982. 

All the ingredients used are chosen because Baileys believe they are the best for the horse, many are sourced locally and all are carefully selected for their quality and suitability. This, along with there meticulous production techniques, means that a bag of Baileys really is different from a bag of feed from another manufacturer; the digestibility is outstanding, so your horse gets more per scoop, with an optimum balance of nutrients.

They are proud of what they put into feeds and make no apologies for using modern nutritional developments to bring real benefits to customers’ (and our own) horses. Pre and probiotics, chelated minerals, specially protected vitamins, plus other natural and technical additions, are all there to make a positive contribution and not just for effect. Horses prove it time and again as they bloom and perform on their chosen Baileys feed.






Lemieux / HorseHealth is a family business, run by the LeMieux family. It is renowned for exquisite luxury and comfort for your horse, with beautiful ranges designed for every horse and rider. 

Regarded as the designer label of the equestrian market, we are delighted to be sponsored by Le Mieux / Horse Health. They offer a wide choice of own brand and selected top name products covering everything from saddle pads, rugs, competition equipment and equine care essentials. They also have a wide range of grooming products and are one of the most desired brands for the rider and horse.






With over 40 years experience, Shires Equestrian is one of the leading names in equestrian equipment for horse and rider.

A family-owned business since 1968, Shires specialise in apparel and equipment especially suited for the discerning equestrian of all levels. From small beginnings, the company has grown to become one of the most popular brands in the equestrian world.

Shires is proud to hold a Royal Warrant to supply Her Majesty the Queen with equine equipment, clothing and footwear since 2009 – a reflection of its commitment to products that deliver performance and reliability. With full product control, from design to manufacture, you can be assured of excellent value for money.

We are extremely excited to be working with Shires Equestrian for the 2018 season. All rugs in the Shires range offer an extremely good fit, superb quality and great value. The horses will stay warm, dry and look the part for the remainder of the season.







When it comes to saddle fit and your horse’s comfort, Bates Saddles are the optimum choice. There research and development team have pioneered modern saddle adjustability, and are responsible for many of the saddle features that address the comfort of horses today.

They have earned the reputation as the industry experts in developing creative solutions to optimise horse and rider comfort and performance. Working alongside elite riders to develop highly specialised saddles in each of their chosen disciplines. There success lies in identifying the changing needs of horses and riders and being thorough in there research, employing every means available to them in evaluating products. Bates Saddles enlists the services of expert physicists, veterinarians, and saddle fitters to assist in appraising there saddles, ensuring complete confidence in their proven advantages.

All of our horses are ridden in the Bates Invova Dressage Saddle and the Bates Advanta for jumping.






Farm and Stable supplies holds the Royal Warrant for the supply of veterinary products and stable equipment to HM The Queen.

There mission is to provide sport horse professionals with the products they need to help them achieve their ambitions.

We are very lucky to have our yard supplied with Farm and Stable equipment and veterinary products







fairfax and favour.png

Established in 2013 by childhood friends, Marcus Fairfax Fountaine and Felix Favor Parker, Fairfax & Favor has descended upon the footwear industry as a luxury, British-born lifestyle brand. Designed as a line of footwear and accessories with a commitment to innovation in craftsmanship and design, Fairfax & Favor aims to create a timeless, fashion investment in every piece.

We are proud to have Fairfax & Favour as a sponsor. There shoes, accessories and craftsmanship is second to none and can ensure we never will be short of style at the trot up.





We are extremely proud to have TheraPlate UK supporting us and supplying us with the incredible TheraPlate. The patented TheraPlate is proven to counter the effects of chronic inflammation conditions, speed healing, reduce pain, and aid in the prevention of injury. The TheraPlate is easy to use, proven effective, portable and very affordable. Introducing horses to the TheraPlate is so simple. Horses quickly express that they are enjoying the relaxing and beneficial daily sessions on the TheraPlate.

TheraPlate uses Zone Vortex Wave therapy. The TheraPlate has been designed by experts and is the result of more than 30 years of experience. This technology can be used in the treatment and prevention of injuries and other debilitating conditions in Horses, and Humans. Our machines offer a ZERO impact experience, so you get the benefits without further injury or aggravating existing conditions.

TheraPlate utilizes a low-amplitude orbital motion for rehabilitation and sports conditioning. The platform’s motion causes muscles to rhythmically contract and release, relaxing the tissues while enhancing muscle tone and increasing circulation. The increased circulation, in turn, has a plethora of benefits, ranging from improved healing rates of many soft-tissue injuries to better hoof growth to increasing bone density.





venn logo.png

Venn Healthcare is a trusted supplier of the very latest non-invasive systems to the medical, cosmetic, aesthetic and veterinary markets. It is fronted by CEO Chris Schiel.

Chris has over 20 years experience in privately held businesses delivering over £200m of manufactured products using leading-edge technology.

With 11 years in the medical and cosmetic device industry, Chris has forged powerful relationships with the leading manufacturers in this rapidly expanding industry and is dedicated to building Venn into the most customer-focussed device supplier in the UK.

Hugh Fullerton-Smith is the operations director for Venn Healthcare and also takes the lead on veterinary technology support making the most of his vast husbandry experience. His main line of work addresses specialist needs in areas such as shockwave and laser therapy as well as being responsible for co-ordinating projects across the globe.

We are extremely lucky to be sponsored by Venn Healthcare, and there technology will be vital to ensuring the horses are maintained and managed correctly and can perform to the best of their ability.